I Am

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I am a broken man
My ways are like a fools
Causing anguish, causing death
Creating waves of consequence

Alone and in despair, I wait for You
I will wait for You here
Pushing on, pushing through it all
I will run the race

Setting my course straight ahead
My destroyer waits for me
But You redeem
My destroyer waits

You redeem me
You redeem this tired soul
And these tired bones, Your name
(Breaks the shackles)

Your name
(Breaks the shackles)
Your face gives me rest, Your name
(Breaks the shackles)

I see the rising of the Son
I know the day is near, the day is here
I know my Avenger waits
My Avenger is right behind me on clouds of glory
I see Armageddon

Writer/s: Advent