Jeff Bates

Hands on Man

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She said "Sir, do you need the instruction manual?"
"Well no ma'am, there's no job I can't handle"
It don't matter to me if it's high or low tech

I'm a hands on man
I like to touch it
I'm a hands on man
I like the feel of it
Let my fingers linger on it
Just as long as I can
You gonna love me
I'm a hands on man

Now let's look it here
And see what we got
Is it running to cold
Or is it running to hot
Well let me tinker with this a little
And fiddle with that
I'll have this baby purring in nothing flat


Well, if it needs adjustin'
I'll adjust it just right
Well you can call me up ma'am
Mornin noon and night
If somethin' needs a tightin'
Or somethin' needs a loosin'
Well, I got all the tools
And I know how to use 'em

[Chorus: x 2]

Oh, I like to touch it
Um, I like the feel of it too

You know I'm a certified, qualified technician

Writer/s: Carson Chamberlain

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