Hang in Agony Until You're Dead

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For the heart of ours, bless what can't be blessed
Fortify the souls of those you once detest
Voices in control lead you to the cross
Is it not your wish, suffering your cause
Washed away your sins on the holy cross
Wagering intent on something that was lost
Patience at your side, give into the need
No one there, you're all alone for all the world to see
Scream out in blasphemy, death and its certainty
Killing yourself for free, no thank you god... Satan
It don't mean shit to me, watching your Jesus bleed
He is a fool you'll see, nowhere to run
Death to humanity, savior, the enemy
Brutalized, hung to bleed, beaten to die
Spit out the cross of plagiary, devil or deity, kill everyone
God is a god of death, so is his son that he sent
Twisted entitlement hatred discard, hanging in agony
Follow the lord to the end of eternity, savior destroyed, sacrifice for the crucifix
Hang in agony until you're dead!

Writer/s: Glen Benton / Steve Asheim

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