Hang On To Your Resistance

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I was choking on attemtped laughter
As I looked up from the room
A symphony of breezes caught me
Drifting around my tomb

Watching to see if they knew me
With my faceless intruders pride
And even with those illusions, well I
Could not escape to hide,
I could not hide
Good God you know I could not hide
But I cried
Hang on, hang on, hang, hang on
Hang on, hang on, hang, hang on

My friends say it rained yesterday
At least that's what all my friends say,
Well it looks like it's going to rain today
Least that's what all the papers say

Now a Toronto subway is not a cool place to be
When you're feeling lonely and low
The trackes look warm and inviting, well it,
Must be a fast way to go,
Hang on to your resistance,
Don't let it slip away,
Hang on to your resistance, because,
Tomorrow's a new day, tomorrow's a new day
Goog God you know tomorrow's a new day
Hang on , hang on, hang, hang on

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