Casiotone For The Painfully Alone

Harsh the Herald Angels Sing

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How harsh the herald angels sing
I've been puking my guts all morning
Oh too bad the hex of unfairer sex
It's difficult and it's boring

I guess I just quit drinking
I guess I just quit smoking
I guess I'll need some names
Alvin, William and James
Doctor tell me you're joking

Take the bus to the free clinic on Clemens
With my headphones on, no music
Please don't sit next to me

Glad Lee, the cross-eyed bear
Walks into a bar
She says "you don't know how lucky you men are"
The tenants who live below me
They all pretend they don't know me
Cos they don't see a ring
Now they know everything
They whisper and don't "hello" me

But talk your shit, man, I don't care
It's blank for a boy but for a girl it's Claire

Writer/s: Owen Ashworth

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