Shock Therapy

Hate Is Just A Four Letter Word

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What has changed me into something i don´t know
Forgotten Feelings i never know
eyeballs bouncing in a room of blinded me
careful of the feelings i thought i knew me
a man i is waiting at the corner
screaming at me
angry hate for myself the hidden me
a close of angry words no sight to put them in
hateful sea of love with no one to put it in
a classic film of yesterday is just today
once tomorrow, maybe never. i hate me

Bricking myself into the wall of wretched sin
hoping to be by myself i won´t let you in

my product is only second grade
i hate to discuss what this man has made
forming in my hands i know it all too well
staring at the glass i know myself to well

hate is just a 4 letter word
hate is just a 4 letter word

Writer/s: Gregory John McCormick

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