Alex Story


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When I wake up I walk down the street
And the bloodthirst inside me comes to a peak
I don't know if I call it
Or if it's calling me
But I know the answer
It's hate I seek

And I see it in everyones eyes
And it always will guide their lives
I push their buttons until fists start to fly
Then your mine
It's time to die

Walk into bars and I see empty faces
My blood starts boiling at these human disgraces
I don't know what the future may hold
But a beast likes to prowl
So it's prowling I go

I was born with an animal soul
And it always will take control
Step right up and bring your hatred to me
Then your mine
It's time to die

Stalking the streets
I can smell all of your fears
An odor much like the pussies that you are my dears
Come on up and take a swing
Try your luck boy

I have to admit that you are my favorite toys
And you always bring me such joy
I push your buttons until fists start to fly
Then you are mine
It's time to die

Writer/s: Alex Story