Head On

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Slowly I'm getting sober
Rolling through the world with nowhere to go
Over, over and over
Take me anywhere but just not home
You know it's time to change your style
When all the things that make you smile
Only last a little while
And constantly wear you out

I'm driving blind again
With all the others on the road at 4am
And I wonder if they're alright
And how many of us are there in the world tonight
With nowhere to go
Oh this life is a long long road
On your own

She left last year this Sunday
Left knots in the curtains I've yet to untie
Oh god get me to Monday
And for all this suffering I won't ask "why"

Don't get me wrong it's not that bad
There are some good things in my life
The melodies that make me cry
They only remind me of you

Whether you do or don't really know it yet
We're gonna meet and lonely will leave us alone
And if we have to meet head on
You don't know, you know, you know, you know
It's been so long

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