Lost and Found


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My, Haven't You Heard?
My, Haven't You Heard?

Yeah, Well, I'm So Surprised to See You
Up and Out of Bed
I Guess You Haven't Heard Yet
That Last Week You Were Found Dead
Yeah, I Heard It From the One
Who Heard It From the One Who Knew
The One Who Heard It From the One
Who Never Checked With You
I Hesitate to Mention It
You Know How These Things Spread
But Just Between the Two of Us
Here's What Someone Said
They Said,


It Was the Rumor of a Stranger
We Assumed That It Was True
It Never Crossed Our Minds
To Ever Call and Check With You
We Just Announced It At Our Meetings
We Prayed For Your Soul
We Waited For the Nature of the Beast
To Take Its Toll
Now If We Didn't Love You
We Wouldn't Make It Known
We're Just Minding Random Business
Cuz We've Got None of Our Own
I Say

Chorus X2

I Hardly Can Believe It
And I Hope It Isn't So
I Heard It From a Person
Who Said He Didn't Know
The Others That I've Shared It With
They've Heard the Rumor Too
And Now It Really Doesn't
Even Matter If It's True
So Just Between the Two of Us,
I'll Tell You What I'll do
Go Ahead, Admit You're Dead
I'll Say I Never Talked to You

Chorus X2

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