El Debarge

Heart, Mind & Soul

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Lord, I come to need you
More and more each day
Other need to share that you lead a way
I'm into you it's on my face
That's why I'm giving you

My heart, my mind, my soul
Oh Lord
My heart, my mind, my soul
Oh Lord

You gave it all up for love
When everybody else was holding back
But most of all you gave me joy
Even when I stood on shaky ground
Fulfilling every need, you never let me down
No greater love have I found
I trust you from the bottom of


Oh, I was lost and lonely
As I struggled through darkness searchin' for the light
You loved me like your one and only
Oh lover, oh Lord, I'm giving it to you
Even though my friends turned their back on me
You were there, you took me in your arms
And you showed me that you cared
You gave me hope for tomorrow
You took away all of my sorrow
And I love you from the bottom of


Oh Lord, how can I show you how I feel, oh
I want to be your servant
Give you all my love
Show me what to do everyday
I live my life before you
Show me how to live
Show me how to love
Teach me how to deal with all of


Writer/s: Bruce Fisher / El DeBarge

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