Rx Bandits

Hearts That Hanker For Mistake

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If you got the reason, the goal is to give you a rhyme
The vacuum of space is akin to perception of time

Navigate the swirl of stormy weather
Unfurling psychic charts of stars

I won't go!
Slip to slide the entropy
Before long...
The building blocks will crumble

A crushing coercion can corrupt the mumbling mold
Project the assertion to love only what you can own
(only what you can hold)

Undulate beneath your lusty lover
Click and whir of barren eye

I will run!
Hearts they hanker for mistake
With action...
We catalyze disaster

Indoctrined assassin berate with the force-feed frea
They tremble with trepidation,
no shackle can jail the heart
thats near to me
In love is truth

The queen of compassion
imprisoned by the great fiend of greed
Her benevolent beauty fogged-up
by the flash of the screen
Blue glowing boxes besieged by the standard of being

Writer/s: RX Bandits