Destiny's Child

Heart Still Beats

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You're holding me and I close my eyes
You're whispering and I start to cry
You feel so good, you're so beautiful
For as long as you live, don't let me go

Hold me, touch me, feel me
As long as you love me, reach for me and need me
If you could trust me and teach me
Never let go of me
Because your half of me, my heart still beats

Looking in the eyes, the eyes of love
And I hold your face and i see the sign
And I taste your kiss and you touch my soul
And I feeling things, I never felt before

Repeat chorus

I'm feeling what the can call love
I never knew feeling like this could exist inside of me
I'm soaring, emotions exploding
I don't wanna live another day if you're not here with me

Repeat chorus

Because you're half of me, my heart still beats
oh yea
ooooh my heart still beats

Writer/s: Beyoncé / Walter Afanasieff

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