Jeff Bates

Heat At Play

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Heat At Play

Love games are but a hart at play.
In the golden meadows of "live for today">
And the part we play in that kaleidoscope scene,
Are but shattered fragments in a stain glass dream.
I remember the days of way back when.
Now we've been caught in that web again.
I remember moonlight and our first kiss
And sandy beaches and summer's bliss.
But we went our seperate ways and others married,
Yet, all thru the years our love we carried.
I wouldn t change the way we've always been,
And the fact that we find each other again and again.
And now mischievous secrets of a "cheating worng",
Play on my lips as I walk along.
And intimate memories enter my mind,
In the oddest places, at the strangest times.
The mind is the place where cheating spends the day
And love games are but a heart at play.
As the star shines down on our forum of love,
I shine all around you.
As the moon lies soft against the night,
I lie soft against you.
In this mystical place of no return,
Where a heart a play muses, where cheating and love,
And right and wrong, and then and now confuses,
Let us expound together-float high enough to see,
How much of is fantasey , how much reality.
No magic carpet yet exsist to fly us to our dream,
But your arms so tight around us
Is the startingpoing it seems.
In this lavender hazy heaven
Where hearts at play dance freely,
I know its wrong,
But your've always been-there in my heart completely.

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