Lost and Found


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When You First Begin Your Journey,
You're Not Sure of Who You Are
And the Lessons That You're Learning
They Don't Seem to Take You Far
And You Just Can't Keep From Stumbling
Though You Try So Hard to Stand
And the Truth Can Be So Humbling
When It's Just Beyond Your Hand

As Though Youth Were My Invention
As Though Love Lay Undefined
To Stay Young Was My Intention
To Stay Free and Unconfined
And So I Held My Pride Above You
Oh, Yes, What a Fool Was I
Holding Back the Words, "I Love You,"
And Letting Out the Word, "Goodbye," And

I Was Wrong to Let You Go
I Was a Child and I Did Not Know
About the Love We Both Could Have Given
And Now You're Gone So Far Away
I Hope I See You Again One Day
But If I Don't, I Hope I See You in Heaven

Well, I Was Foolish in Those Younger Days
To Think They'd Never End
But Life Confused Me With Its Changing Ways
And I Just Could Not Comprehend
All the Magic of Those Moments
Lost, Now Light Footprints in the Sand
And While I'm Standing Here Remembering
It's So Hard to Understand That


Now I'm Sitting in This Garden
In the Middle of My Day
And My Memories Fade and Harden
As the Years, They Slip Away
And I've Been Looking in My Mirror
At the Age Around My Eyes
Time Is Such An Early Laborer
Precision Is Its Neighbor
They Lay My Body in the Ground
But Let My Spirit Touch the Sky


I Hope I See You in Heaven

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