Danger Danger

Heaven's Fallin'

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There's a whole in the sky where the angels used to sing
Now the quite is haunting me when I buried my conscience
I should have left room for my soul, I let it drown in my misery

Please forgive me for the things that I have done
And the spirit is willing, but the flesh is pale and weak
My salvation is in your hands
And my will is not my own


Heaven's Fallin' down on me
Lord I'm prayin' for some sympathy
When I close my eyes the only thing I see is
Heaven Fallin' down on me

I have suffered in silence, screamed myself to sleep
Took the last breathe of my youth, still I search for the answers
Like a leper I am creepin' even further from the truth
All alone and all a lie

Come in my time of sorrow, make me whole
Let my spirit follow, save my soul
There's a whole in the sky

Writer/s: Bruno Ravel / Paul Laine

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