Musiq Soulchild


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Let me tell you something about her
Ain't nobody else around like her
Every time I spend some time with her
I don't be thinking about no other her
See everything I need and want is her
She reminds me exactly why I'm with her
Problems are so minimal with her (damn)
I think I'm in love with her


Cause there's nothing in this world
That ever made me feel
Like I do when I'm with her
Cause everything is so real
And I don't care who's got anything to say about
What I do when I'm with her
Cause it don't matter cause that's my girl

Don't nobody understand like her
That I just gotta be the man for her
See I'm trying to share my life with her
And be the one who does those special things for her
I can take a long walk with her
Watch T.V. or just sit and talk with her
See I wanna make good love to her
She must be my soul sister


She is my girl
Everybody sing it with me
I'm just talking bout my girl
Singing bout my baby
Sing it one more time
Everybody sing it (repeat)

Writer/s: Musiq (Soulchild)

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