Frozen Mist

Her Blue Eyes Blisten With Exquisite Sadness

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With a wide smile on her face
Marionette threw her head back
As the cold breeze blows thru her hair
Her arms invite me into the black.

Her blue eyes glisten with exquisite sadness
I lift her so high above the lonely skies
Beautiful tears shed down her shining face
I kiss the forever beauty, she is so divine.

Marionette, I belong to you
Endless nights in bliss await.
Marionette, You belong to me
Your destiny has revealed our fate.

"These dreams fade inside our minds
Every night I'll caress you deep
You call out my name in tears
Embraced in love, we fall asleep.
Pull the blankets over our heads
Your blue eyes ignite the sky above
The images of blatant desire
A perfect symphony of my beloved."

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