New Model Army


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We are not children anymore
The fists you made they are come
Bashing at your door
Your legacy is waiting in the wings
And there's something so familiar
In the hunger that we bring
We don't want to be like you
Don't want to live like you
Learn by our own mistakes, thank you
Forcing time and pushing through

You are not heroes anymore

Dim the lights the time is come
Into the ring the father and the son
Sown in sweat and passion long ago
And so much time

You are not heroes anymore

If you know them
What you know now to be true
You never would have started
This whole chain we're going through
And you love us now
But you hate us still
And we hate you now
But we love you still

You are not heroes anymore
You are not my mother
You are not my father

Writer/s: Sullivan

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