After 7

He Said, She Said

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Aw Randy ran what's up.
We talkin bout girlies
If you think you're wrong, then you know you're right
Gettin into my business, just ain't satisfied
Better stop dippin girl
It don't become of you
You got too much time on your hand oh baby

If your lovin me
Keep on lovin me
Don't let this silly girl distract you from me
All she wants is
To get you away from me, don't fall into that trap

He said, she said, we said, we don't need it
He said, she said, we said we don't need it.

I know you want me
But you can't have me
My love is tied up with my girl right now
You told her you saw me
Just the other day, kickin it with the invisible woman

How could you try such a silly willy game
The two of us we're not havin it no way
My sweet heart is my only lover
Don't play me like a sho nuff fool nooooo

(Aw Kevon here they come talkin that mess)
(Wait a minute, can I say somethin,
The girlie ain't got no business in my business)
(that's right)

[Chorus x 2]

Writer/s: Dallas Austin / Michael Weinstein / Randy Ran