Hey Fella

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Mmmm Yeah yeah Ohh whoa Ohh whoa (repeat)

1st Verse:

I gotta say I ain't seen many like you
On the real, boy I'm really wanting you
And that's why I'm tryna get close to you
(And I like the way you making me feel baby)
And I just can't shake it
So keep doing what you do cause boy I like it
You got me thinking of what this could be
And I can't fight it ooooh


(Hey Fella)
You've got this thug appeal about you
(Hey Fella)
You've got this sex appeal, you're the truth
(Hey Fella)
And I wanna get to know you a little better
What you think about that fella
(Hey Fella)
Come over here and let me say
(Something to ya)
So we can get this thang shawty
Cause I want ya
That's why I want to get to know ya a little better
What you think about that fella

2nd Verse

I need a winner babe
I need a soldier babe
I need a man to do whatever, however babe
I need a man to be there when I feel I need him babe
Do you think that you can handle what I'm bringing
(Do you think you can handle me)
And boy I ain't playing
You're the type of man I need in my life I'm knowing
So what you wanna do
Cause I'm feeling you
I'm really feeling you

Chorus Ad-libs
Hey fella
Ohhh whoaaaaaa
Hey fellaaaa
Something to yaaaaa

Bridge (Ad-libs in parenth.)

(Do you got what it takes) Do you got what it takes to be my man
Do you got what it takes to be my boyfriend
I need a boyfriend
I need a real nigga, don't need a hasbeen
(repeat) (Whoaaaaa)

Chorus til end

Ending Ad-Libs

Sex appeal about you
Oh whoaaa whoaaaaa
Hey fellaaaaaaa
Come over here and get it babe
Get this how you want it babe
Don't you want me babe
Come to get to know me better
Show something to ya
Cause I want ya
Little better

Writer/s: S. Thomas