Malignant Tumour

High Time To An End

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I am sitting in a dark deeper than is Hell
The lord of darkness, flowers doesn't smell
When I am comming the world become black
My armies calling, you are already dead
Armies of darkness are on the ground
Rich and the poors, they lost their chance
I have been asked to make a revenge
Destroying it's not fucking shame
Tornado, tornado
that's what I am making and sending to earth
Tornado, tornado
Destroying buildings and polluting air
Tornado, tornado
In little while you'll frozen to death
Tornado shut up!
I tell you mankind what you have to do
Wait for the last show will will be you doom
You're raping nature for thousands years
The end of the world will end in a fear
I warning you, the planet earth
Predator is here to take away your breath
Who has intellect to uncover my name
The lord of Infernor, The crucifer

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