Hitchhiking Disease

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See my face, it's changing now, the face of death is near
My hands my body, my whole being, all what's left is fear
People, they don't understand, friends are leaving is this the end
[2 times]

A world of pain that's where I'm living now
Dying of love but not the way I expected
Now It's to late, my days are past
A disease nobody understands
Afraid of a hitchhiking disease

Where are you now, friends of mine
Where are you now, so short to live
Where are you now, so much pain
Where are you now, so much fear

All raising money for a cure to be found
But still scared to the suffering one
Nobody around to tell my story
I'm alone and it hurts me

Never, I never feel again
Never, I never love again
It hurts me, it punished me, it poisoned me
It kills me, it kills me, it kills me

Look at me, I'm flying
Going to a world where is no more dying
Look at me, I'm flying
Going to a world, I'm feeling free

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