Kon Kan

Hold Another Level

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Kept from the light
Concealed in darkness
The pale face of the dead
Misbegotten human dread
Imprisoned for your time
Until the day you die
Taken life, taken soul
Unfit for the sane

Kept alive, shunned from light
Grow expectancy of your mercy
Through killing earn you way
And peeling of your wealth

Human life malfunction
Misplaced on earth
Taking the ush fruits
Fucking the recently blossomed
With a strange sense
Of real life rules
Try to cover up what you did
Rape her and leave her dead

My daughter in her teens
She didn't want to die young
She was tasting of life
But you took her life away
And i see this thing in black
And white... pay with your life
You fuck, pay with your life

[lead kim]

It's a simple rule to me
Kill and be killed

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