Paul Kantner

Holding together

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I see the wolfpack
Come flashin down
From the mountain
And the children
Of the town run down
Beside them now

I see the Empire is
Breakin' down
From the inside
And the underground
Ain't no place for
Hidin now

It's a way
To move
You are the ocean
That we travel

On the way to
50 million
Light years

Look for Atlantis, it is waiting for you - it lives there and it breathes there
Look for Rosemary to open the door for you
And she sees you and she needs you
Enter the cavern
Of the starmaker
All through you
Holding together holding together

To the children of the Viet Cong
And to the songs of the Yaqui and the Sioux
The Seminole and the Apache too
We're lookin for you - we need you

I see the wolfpack
Flashin down
From the mountain
And the children
Of the town
Run down beside them now
Holding together holding together

Ride the tiger
You can feel the universe
Inside of you
We can shining on
Thru you

Cold shimmering
Silver - fire of the
Morning sun - streak
Flash bam up and
Away from the forest
Up and away from
No rising sun
We leave the earth to the wind
To the cool clean air that should have been here and we can and we go into nova

Writer/s: Grace Slick / Paul Kantner