MC Eiht

Hold Up

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We sending this one out right here
To all the young thug and young hustlers out there
You know I'm sayin', grown up with their moms strugglin'
In the hood yo' I'm sayin', ya know how it is
Trying to keep it tight, you know I'm sayin'

Born and raised a black youth, no happy days
My moms and pops went they separate ways
Now she solo with half the dough, and three kids
No house, a damn tight situation we in
Hit the streets to look for work and pay
So her kids can have it better than she had one day
Try to teach me some rules, get a's in school
Keep your head up high and don't run with the fools
That was the lesson, always listen to moms
Bible she totin, always quotin from psalms
Young but I'm knowin' the right thang to do
Know the things to say when times is blue
Times is hard and really unfortunate
I'm young and I really don't like the shit
But I dream nice things when I sleep at night
When I grow up I'll make everything alright

Now I'm 15, my life done hit a split screen
What used to be a good kid struck a bad gene
Bad dreams, young thugs and crime scenes
Skip school, saggin' my jeans and blow green
My moms don't know where I get the shit from
If you keep trippin' you know the outcome
Laid up somewhere, or in jail
Makin' collect calls tryin' to make bail
Hell, and you know how I struggle for the cheddar
Before I give it away better get it together
My guilty conscience sayin' not no listen
The other have tellin' me, keep a good intention
Aw shit, a nigga need a mind of his own
Too much to deal with, I really don't feel shit
Young thug ready to take on the world
Who made my life take such a twirl

Writer/s: A. Tyler