Homage To Notorious B.I.G.

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I gotta to say these things!

[verse 1]
C'mon! I don't gotta words
Clothes and black shoes - My heart has only burns
He became an icon!
Became the best damn nigga!
What's the name? (BIGGA! BIGGA!)
Sure people still feel homesick
Big shook the city
A hello to the niggaz of the hood
And to his right-arm P. Diddy
I wanted to do it rhymes with it
Biggie, I gotta to talk!
King of New York
Biggie Smallz with a bottle of J. Walk
Biggie, the man's yacht
Was ready to the sky!
Biggie dictated the rules! Biggie so high!
The fat man mo' good people!
Frank White was runnin' the city makin' hitz
Bottle after bottle, still others made hitz

Rest in peace Notorious!
To always be the B.I.G.

[verse 2]
We know you're in a better place
Why was the rap's ace
What do you want?
Biggie Smallz was the king of diamonds
He did smoke and stunts
His voice was a reference, his name became brand
Christopher G.L. Wallace was his name
A.k.a. Business Instead of Game
Join us, become a rap's soldier
Biggie, his teachings ain't over

Rest in peace Notorious!
To always be the B.I.G.

I grew up listenin' to "Hypnotize"!
Biggie, you'll never be forgotten
His voice will still echo long
New York! Revere their King!

Writer/s: The Biggie Sound

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