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Nothing to serving up so much
All that concerns my peace
Nor live so that we can speak
Return to my home
even that can take my place
Therefore in this space
Sometimes I can not imagine
All you have to love me
Listening to the extreme
And walking on the clouds
Singing in a stage show
And forever loving
This has nothing to do
I occupy my room for you
Sings the melody
To understand with me
Every sentence that I do for you
Nothing was so hard
For everything that is so
Each phrase has a love song
To listen to you
So sings the melodies and try to remember all that left over your head
That's just what I need
Both hearing
Above all I'll be there
do not worry about my feeling
it is not crazy or joking
something can happen to me
I'll always be here and there
Not everything I'm leaving
I will leave with nothing
Nothing to do is to try to convince me
Although I try to convince time
and I'm not here for that
I'm here to return to my home
You think I am a lovely night
You think I am a beautiful night
One night to shine
to shine

Writer/s: Pollyanna Houston

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