Home Bound

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Get down!
Nod your head to my House fit
The groove is so funky you gotta jump out ya seat
Throw ya hands in the air
'Cause I'm gettin' jealous of some mothafuckas who just don't care
But never speak on my Krazee House when I found ya
Peep my lean go, muthafucka, I just begun
To rock the beat with a dash of Retro Horror Muzik
And I hear a fuckin' man
Don't smoke as I choke
The terror it felt
Some stokin' on my wicked shit the brain is about to melt
Halfway home to my padded cell
To be locked down and sedated in my thoughts in my wicked realm
Holding my nuts kickin' horrifying sound
Mr.-Mr. Bones is headed home bound
Goin' insane
I'm in pain
I ain't dead yet
I come from the graveyard, the place where the madman rests
Grab my chest, rip it in half, and look inside
The bloody horror so gruesome, you'll be hypnotized
Prince of Darkness, son of a bad shit
You can't stand me
Bitch, I'll kill yo' family
Who'd have thought, my ass is greater than the 7 Seas
And who'd a shut yo' ass quicker than a deadly disease
But still you plead
I stick yo ass and watch you bleed
What do I need?
"Nothin', fuck it, let's pick up the speed"
I hang the pictures of my victims on the second wall
No chance to stall
It's time for you to take the fall
My chain of thoughts bring my evil to the next phase
Come in my House and you'll see jsut why I'm death crazed
When you're alone, pay attention to my every sound
Fuck the casket, 'cause I'm going home bound