Irving Berlin


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[1st verse:]
I feel very blue, yes I do, can't you tell
Worry quite a lot 'cause I'm not feeling well
Friends have come to me, saying "We can see
You need company" but I'm not lonely
I'm only

Homesick, I know just what's the matter
I'm homesick, that's all

I see that cozy little shack and the little red school
Daddy on the back of a funny old mule
"God Bless our Home" on the wall

The fields of clover
They seem to say
"Why don't you come over
Pay us a call"

I miss the cows and the chickens and the apple tree shady
And there's that little old lady
Do you wonder why I'm homesick

[2nd verse:]
My poor heart will stop when I hop off the train
Such a happy soul when I stroll down the lane
I can't wait till then to be there again
In the twilight when the sun is setting
I'm getting

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