James Reyne

Hooray and Hallelujah

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She was the queen of all deception
I was a fool from out of town
After she showed me 'round reception
Whenever she could she'd put me
Down so I was on my knees
I'd like a lime with my coconut please

Hooray and Hallelujah
Today it happened to ya
I was wrong
Shoulda looked right through ya
Said so long
To you ya shrew ya

I've seen more than I remember
I remember more than I have seen
No use for Gideon
January through December
Through every hotel, motel, Holiday Inn
Throw them TV's outside
It's Women's Weekly nationwide


Bridge: And that good-bye note
She didn't send it
But when she said good-night
Boy, she really meant it
And then she took my heart
Without a kiss
Hissing vicious in my ear
You won't be needing this

I used to be a bona-fide winner
Strut into a room and laugh so loud
Right place, right time
A phenomena
Not just another face there in the crowd
Who passed out on the floor
The gravy train don't stop here anymore

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