Horrified By Repulsion

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Gleaning all hideouts
Checking every house
Hungry for human flesh
Smelling all our fears

Slowly crawling they always arrive
One by one devouring the alive
Biting your arms and sucking your brains
Licking your stumps ruminating your guts

Horrified, horrified, horrified by repulsion
Locked up in my basement
With tons of food and drinks
My whole record collection
That was all I really needed
I thought I was safe down there
Until they broke the door

Right in that moment I was playing music
So fucking loud, that was repulsion!!
The damn zombies were petrified
Their melting faces like on the cover

Horrified, horrified, horrified by repulsion
Was so unreal but it saved my life
Repulsion tunes destroyed their heads
They were scared beyond their own death
So loud grind just melted their brains

Horrified, horrified, horrified by repulsion
Deformed rotting face
Their eyes popping out
Erupting balls of pus
Their hairs falling down