Keaton Henson

How Could I Have Known

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How could I have known
You were the one for me?
How could I have known
You were the air I breathe
If I don't believe in love?

How was I to know
I couldn't live without
Your arms around me?
If you'd only come back now
I'd not let you down again

And how could you allow
One little love you saw
How could I think
If you'd only hold me close
I'd not let you go again

Guess I coulda been
A better man
I should have held onto your coat
How could I'd known?

And now looking back
Should have been on my knees
But I can be cold
Shoulda said: stay with me
Please don't leave me alone

And those other girls
They never made me feel
The way I do now
Know that our love was real
But I broke the deal
And now

I'm out in the cold
Baby come hold me close
Please don't let me drown
Woman I love the most
My holy ghost, god damn

Guess I could have tried
With my heart in
I see comfort in being alone
How could I have known?

Writer/s: Keaton Henson

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