Humana Androide

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So frozen inside
Vulgar feelings in sepulchral sadness
Loneliness has ruined my life...
Virus of existence
The last breath into infected lungs

Fetish sign of pain...

Do You hear me murderer of happiness?
Do You recognize me assassin of future dream?
Depression inseminated...
In utero where's embryo of filth
There human turns into android

Let respite flows with sex again
The cum blast of madness sprinkle that face
Should I awake whilst my body tremble in sudden death?

I turned back realized perish still beside...
Several days in sadness
Lust, blasphemy and eternal false
Stupor brought me nothingness
Nothing really more...

Now I'm envy, now I'm scared
Flashbacks told me to rest in death
Nowadays I can talk only to myself
Without hope so far far away...
Silver dramatic symptom forgotten as well
Why am I so close to the end?
Somehow, every way...

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