Man Man


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She feels life so cold
She feels life so cold
She feels life so cold
on fire

He don't believe in the Hurly Burly
He stays up late and he wakes up early
Cuts off his neck, bad thoughts in his head
Takes off his shoes and his feet are so bad
he don't believe in the God or ???
So take the fireworks out, cram 'em down in his mouth
He burns brighter insider her.

Gimme what you got, ???
Gimme what you got, don't blow your load
Gimme what you got, who cares what they say
You'll pay

He don't believe in the mother or father
but it runs in the bloodline, that's the source of the problem
Saw off his arms, lops off his legs
He drains in the gutter, but he's still got him head
He's not to be programmed to self-implode when
all of the buttons are properly pushed in
It's all the rage, he's the tectonic plate
He burns brighter inside her

This ain't no love song
This ain't no love song.

Writer/s: Man Man