King Los

Hustle Hard Freestyle

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Same old shit, just a different day
I'm coming for the crown, the fuck a nigga say?
And I'm the best rapper alive!

Before I pull up to the spot, you hear my coupe, dog
Look like I photshopped that bitch and took the roof off
Damn Los you go too hard
These rappers acting like Lebron, how you play with the Heat and scared to shoot dawg!
Rappers fake, it's pathetic, matching them bets, taking my credit
Niggas get blasted away and beheaded
Bitch that crown ain't safe cause I said it
I got my shovel I'm coming, don't stumble
I got you a big fucking tomb
I ain't got no deal but I'm building a bedroom
Cause I got some shit coming soon
Man I'm raining on them bitches, Travis Porter, turn them lights out
You beating round the Bush, like Travis Barker at the White House
I'm so deep in that top 5, I can't find out the kid number
Jay gonn have to call big momma, Ye gonn have to call his big brother
They gonn have to have a discussion, Yea they best at discussing
Jay you better find that nigga, go sign that nigga, or smash his ass or do something, ugh
Magnificent is old, excellent is boring
Some niggas call this amazing, I call it this morning
All yellow diamonds in my purple drop
She give me brains I come to live, bitch I'm urkle pop
Think outside the box, I'm frozen beware
I'm packin that tray but I'm too cold to be square
Ice cubes is square, squares fit inside the tray,
The tray sits inside the box, here's your lesson for today,
Ok, when you're this cold and you ain't in a nice mood,
You put square niggas in a box, ice cube.
I like sexy women, fast cars, nice views
Sexy women say you dress your ass off, nice shoes
'These old things? '
She said 'yes dear, but when did they come out? '
I'm like 'bitch, next year! '
Note to the rap game 'nobody call next here,
Or I'm a snap legs, stack bodies, break necks here'
And to XXL: 'Fuck could a nigga say?,
Ya'll did the same old shit, jus a different day'
Get this straight, I'm no Freshmen
More like the Principal, there's no question
Run this school and niggas don't test him
But it's the principle that I'm stressing
Question: 'When ya'll talk about the best, how don't you mention me? '
I ain't on a bench, I'm the benchmark of my century
Eventually I'm a show you rappers just pussy
Cause the crown ain't safe in the hood, what's good?