I Believe in Outer Space

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I believe in an outer space
with radio towers and super powers
where the car in the driveway
will be that of a lover
You have waited your life over for
who's now climbing the stairs to your door.

I believe in a quiet place
where mothers and daughters
were made by the water
and out in the landscape
all the lovemakers are dressing
in freezing cold weather.
They won't even mind the winter.

And some through a megaphone
a love or goodbye tender and strong
that reaches to plant in some root
reaches out to galaxies far around
And the radio kids in the place
with headphones on the size of their faces
they believe in an outer space
that's what they believe in
and right now and it's instant
and it's far away and it's distant
and it's open and endless

Writer/s: Carolyn Berk