I Care

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I hang glass from the wall, it makes my life seem big Mirrors hang from my wall, to make my world seem big You forced me to do things I wasn't aware of And this is our secret and everyone does this My future is written in closed circuit evidence Me and my self-denial will keep you from justice and free I wriggle and squirm as you try to convince me And everyone stares, they know what I've been up to The pressure engulfing me, memories orbiting me Fits epiletic in waves leaping over me No contact of flesh and no tongues and no touching No fear of disease and I can't take my clothes off I want to get fucked like a whore in a porno, it's me Don't tell anybody, it's our dirty secret, it's me I will protect you and shield you, prevent you from danger You've intruded and taken away all my sweetness But somehow these mirrors they make my existence seem bigger Somehow these mirrors they make my existence seem bigger

Writer/s: Paul Draper