King Los

Ice Cream Paint

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Okay, ride it off the lot because I'm talking cash
And watch the top fall like the stock market crash
Rims so crazy, make them motherfuckas stand around
Shoes too big like some motherfuckin' hand me downs
Fuck all them damn haters, ride wide grills and then call it Fantasia
If you ain't getting money where I'm from, nigga play dead
We getting rich off the white girl, K-Fed
I don't want your bitch, I just like the medulla
Wrist game shining like Sprites in a cooler
You run through the club and you tip a few dollars
We drop enough cake to push strippers through college
Uh, big nuts, let 'em hang low and fuck all lame niggas, no rainbow
Leave haters looking like they bit a lemon
Decorate my bedroom with a bunch of pretty women
They don't want me in the Bentley, can't stand me in the Chevy
Keep my cars pretty like they got a mani and a pedi
Uh, hard life equal hard rap
So talk slick and get your motherfuckin' jaw slapped
Yup, I got the meanest demeanor to back hand a nigga, Venus, Serena
Batman these niggas, black Medina
Ike your whole block and sell smack to Tina
Ice cream paint with the sundae guts
Make your girlfriend wanna be my Monday slut
You know I got a bitch that like to take three E pills
She stay higher than a AT&T bill
But I'm pimping so soon as she ask for my weekend or nighttime minutes
I'm sprinting, uh, never diss a nigga hood
We don't need three wishes, we just wish a nigga would
And you don't want beef, you just a wild boy yelling
Leave stars 'round ya head like a Cowboys helmet
Sitting on Emmitts, shitting on critics
Big pimpin' truck like Pippen on his pivot
And you come with that bullshit
Hit you with that four-fifth
'Cause speakin' bout that beef'll get them deacons in your pulpit
Married to this money, they can't get me to divorce it
You better get your honey 'cause she dig me like a fork lift
No bullshit, she love my style
I only pull her jeans up when she's upside down
But why frown
You should be glad
Sent her home with new handbags, who could be mad
Cocoa guts, marshmallow whip
And I'm stirring up trouble with a hot chocolate bitch
If I'm not the shit you must of got me twisted
Don't a dog leave his mark on every spot he visit
I'm shitting on rappers, pissing on haters
Neck on Antarctica, wrist is on Vegas
Diamonds on Africa, swagger on massacre
Chevy on 23's, bars on Attica
I'm gettin' too successful and it's lookin' like it hurt you
So I'm spinnin' squares around and now they lookin' like a circle, Zero