Loudon Wainwright III

I'd Rather Be Lonely

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Every night i get the blues,
The greens and yellows and chartreus-es.
You're still living here with me.
I'd rather be lonely.

All the time i look around
For excuses to leave town.
Everybody wants somebody - but
I'd rather be lonely.

Loneliness is happiness.
It takes less than two.
I confess; i digress
From it when i'm with you.

Let us make a brand new start;
Separate and stay apart.
I've had enough having and holding.
I'd rather be lonely.

I think that i need some space;
Everyday you're in my face.
How can i get rid of you?
I'd rather be lonely.

One more verse, a few more words
Love is for the bees and birds
Not for a human being like me.
I'd rather be lonely.

Writer/s: Loudon Wainwright III

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