I Don't Want to Surrender

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Even if life deludes you
If your believes are a lie
And if the sun shines a dark glow
It should be a reason to say goodbye
You should take veils of your mind
To see the endless river through our eyes

The fate seems to harden your soul
Dragging more chains day by day
Became a poor slave of that show
Of a madman in his pray
Under your silence and empty sight
We're children kneeling to the sky

I don't need your erasing whys
I can feel it in my heart
I don't want to surrender
I'm an actor on the stage
A little piece of fate
I don't want to surrender

I fell a strange essence
Floating in the air at night
His presence is so unreal
That I think I ain't right
But if he hides in his disguise
He sure blurs the fears in his eyes

Show me the essence of the night
Maybe I will break the chains of light