Hank Snow

If I Could Just Remember What I Can't Forget

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An early mornin' kiss with a touch of tenderness
Is the way that you used to start my day
But your forgetfulness fills me with an emptiness
That makes me wonder why you've changed your ways

You'll never know how lonesome it's been
Waiting for you to be your old self again
Our sweet and tender times have completely slipped your mind
Cause you can't find one memory to forget
Baby you couldn't feel this way about all our yesterdays
If you could just remember what I can't forget

[ guitar - fiddle - steel ]
I still remember when every night used to begin
With love when love was more than just a word
Before this hopelessness took the place of happiness
When don't touch me were words I never heard

You'll never know how lonesome it's been...

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