Hank Snow

If I Ever Get Back To Georgia

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Well the wind blows cold in New York City along about the middle of now
And I'm telling you I'd be a happy man if I could get away somehow
Cause I'm growing old before my time finally I see the light
But if it costs a dime to get around the world I couldn't get out of sight

But if I ever get back to Georgia there'll be no messin' around
If I ever get back to Georgia I'm gonna nail my feet to the ground

Well the buildings here in New York City grow so doggone tall
Sometimes you can walk for a couple of days and never see the sun at all
So I left last night I was homeward bound now I wanna sit and I cry
Cause I stuck out my thumb till my thumb got numb and the cars went right on by
But if I ever get back to Georgia...

Well I guess my time in New York City hasn't been a total waste
Cause I met a little girl from a social world and really put her in her place
When she sold me half of the Brooklyn Bridge I hung around just for spite
And I played this part till I won her heart and I bought the other half last night
But if I ever get back to Georgia...

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