Bella Morte

I For An I

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Here is life
Don't think that I don't care because I
can't remember
A time before
A life went passing by me leaving so
many questions
Here is life
And what I've lost means more with
every fleeting moment
The sands within are growing thin
And still I search to find a reason why

As the reasons die
Hold on to life
Watch the ending rise
I for an I

Here lies trust
Beneath a static sky foundations shift
and crumble
As life stands still
Grasping at some faint remembrance left
to guide us
Here is life
A frozen moment shines into a life
Like dying light
It lingers long into the dark night's
never ending skies

With you I find the need
The need for something more
To last this fragile night
Into the dawn
Trace my steps and watch that you might
Some piece of me that's lost
The way is not so far as it may seem
Though not so close as home…

Writer/s: Bella Morte