Illusion Possessor

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Illusion - the worst state of mind
Is it what you've been forced to feel?
It appears to be a perfect match
But I can assure you that it's not so real
Philosophers know this very well
What does it mean to be
In a hopeless world that brings you to
A bad dream known as reality

[Chorus 2]
Power - the thing you cannot earn
Force - another one you cannot learn
Hate - is the first you sense as real
Rage - feeling that tells you to kill

Strong desire to possess - it is what you mean
It's nothing more than
Illusion you dwelled in
Divine abilities you're searching for
Are far too weak
Unable to find - Comprehension you seek

[Repeat chorus 2]
[Repeat chorus]
[Repeat chorus 2]

Writer/s: Sceptic