I Give You My Heart

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I give you my hope
I give you my dreams
I'm giving you
Anything you need
I give you my joy
I give you my pain
I wish we could fall
In love again
I give you my heart

Deepest emotion come to pass
As my love inside becomes suppressed
Handing you my heart
This love I could have
Given you from the start
Why in the hell I caught up
As my precius love
Flows past you cup
Please don't let us part
I'll give you my whole and
I'll give you my heart

Love ain't free love ain't cheap
Standing high on a mountain oh so steep
Please girl give your pain
So we cann fall in love again
All this time
That we've been waitin'
Crime of passion
Kept datin'
Let us take it from the start
And this time
I will give you my heart

I give you my love
I give you my hope
I give you anything
You want from me
Baby baby

Writer/s: Kai Matthiesen / Robin Masters