Ignorance Is Bliss

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Feeding into the immense monotony of ridiculous utterings
Twisted appraisal of murders glorified by the media
Sickly invigorated by the misfortunes of others
We gaze, transfixed to the blood and gore

Welcome to the spectacle of the demented
Deformed and disease stricken, cast them aside
Decrepit and arthritic are enveloped in depravity
Unaccepted in the vast circle of stupidity

Turning our heads, ignoring their pleas
The world goes round

Equality is categorized by pigment discoloration
Formulated beliefs handed down through generations
Thus, a thought deficient creation is unleashed
Comprising solely of hate without reason
Ignorance is bliss

Creatures are systematically wiped clean from the earth
Cultivate the infertile soil with their bodies
Destroying all without concern or consequence
This husk of flesh kills inadvertently

Beasts of burden plunge to their death
A celebration of torture in the name of the lord
So called intelligence displayed in brutality
Sinking deeper into extinction,
dead world

Ignorance is bliss

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