I'll Be Your Song

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All I seem to see of you now is the back of your head
All I seem to ask of you now is "When will you be ready?"
And I want to tell you I've gone away and won't come back
Leave a word and wait for me to call you back
And I won't
But I will you know I will.

You have found a good stone wall foundation for a home
You have found a solid chain of voices who will love you
And all I've found is the blowing wind and rain that seldomfalls
I'd give them to you gladly but you can't use them at all
Not at all
But you will, I know you will

You be my breath I'll be your song
You know I wilI

Not out of sight, not out of mind, no fortune can I give you
Bul I have found a song at last and someone I can sing to
Ah, yes, we fight and quit sometimes don't let that make yousad
You bring so much out of me I never knew I had
Never had
Now I do And you do too