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If you wait then you'll fall down stop
If you smile you'll lose your crown stop
If you walk then you be changing in front of me
If you love then you will break stop
Things inside you'll soul will shake stop
Happiness will be your friend stop
And your enemy

Listen loudly
Turn the volume up

If you color your hair stop
You may change the clothes you wear stop
It may change who you are stop
But who cares?
If you do the things you don't stop
Want to then you may hear stop
Voices ringing in stop
Your head
And in the night if you don't change

Listen loudly
Turn your voice up

See what you can't see with your eyes
Hear what you can't hear with your ears
Touch the divine Spirit

If you change than you will be stop
Things you never wanted to be stop
You may fall from grace stop
But that may be your fate
If you change than you could be stop
An angel underneath stop
Trees that shadow you from