Illuminated By Torment

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The altar has been prepared
On this chosen night
Inhuman mutilation
The sacrificial rite

Tormented leads to enlightement an illumination
Pain reveals new spheres, never seen before

The gates are open wide
For those who dare to enter
To abandon the earthly life
To seek wisdom unknown

The alphaand omega points are near
Life is meaningless without the experience of true death

The seal is broken
Enlighted by darkness
The gates are opne
Illuminated by torment

Hooks,chains and rusty needles
Penerates skin, flesh and bones
Pain and agony, closing extacy
Taking me deeper and closer to the source

Closer to hell

The chains of carnage draws near
Stripped from skin, drained from blood
Destruction of the temple of the soul

The purificating pain
The path to dammnation
The path od illumination
Funeral of the self

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