Irving Berlin

I Love To Stay At Home

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[1st verse:]
I don't go out nights
I'm not about nights
I'll tell you why I never roam
I love my home, so cozy
The dizzy night life may be the right life
But I don't like that kind of fun
At night when my work is done

I just love to stay at home in the evening
When the winter nights are cold
I love to sit around the fire harmonizing
"Darling, I am growing old"
While Mother darns my father's woolen hosiery
He's telling yarns of how he fought in "sixty-three"
I don't envy the cocktail sippers
Give me my carpet slippers
For I love to stay at home

[2nd verse:]
My cousin Mary
She's a canary
Each night she sings the Rosary
It sounds to me like Melba
When Uncle Louie who looks like Dewey
Recites "The picture on the wall"
It's simply Heaven, that's all

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